One-hundred followers and fifty posts milestone!

I’d like to thank everyone who have supported this tumblr, I say ‘this’ tumblr because everyone who is following seems to have enjoyed the images. I post what I believe defines aspects of the ideas of “cyberpunk” in visual format - influenced heavily of course by William Gibson and Phillip K. Dick, among others.

I originally started in a drug induced haze, collecting images from all over the Internet. One of the things I try to do here is maintain who the original creators of certain content are, so you can “follow the rabbit hole” and enjoy the works of others. When I initially collected the images many moons ago onto hard disk, I didn’t keep record of where the images came from, so some of my material may have come from DeviantArt or Tumblr, in other words, not cited and redundant — my apologies. Some of the content I post is original, namely some screen captures and some photographs.

In any event, people seem to be enjoying my posts and I’m enjoying the fact that others are enjoying, reblogging and sharing, and so on and so forth.

Perhaps some time in the near future those who are interested can join the small online IRC community I have that centers around the theme of cyberpunk. Don’t be shy in messaging me, either. I’d appreciate feedback of any sort.

So, you just keep enjoying the posts/images and I’ll keep posting them. Square biz?